The Teacher is Coaching his Student

About PACE

Pulaski Area Community Education (PACE) began in the 1930s when the Pulaski Community School District began a community-wide outreach effort. Since then, PACE has evolved to include a wide variety of programs, many of which have their origins in the school district ‘s community-based philosophy. As such, many of the programs are often co-opted with various community groups and organizations. In 1999, PACE’s efforts were recognized by the National Center for Community Education, which listed PACE as one of America’s model community education initiatives.

Today, thousands of people take advantage of the programs offered through PACE. There are classes offered for all ages four times a year plus Summer School for children during the summer. Adult classes are offered through PACE and NWTC with focus on vocational and leisure subject areas. Youth recreational programs are offered throughout the year to highlight everything from babysitting to athletics to meteorology. Swimming lessons are also offered through PACE, the Pulaski Community Pool, and the middle school. Dance course range from youth tap, jazz, and ballet to adult ballroom courses.

PACE Fact Sheet