Community Service Letter and Pin

 The PACE Community Service Letter and Pins are available as awards to all Pulaski Community School District staff and Pulaski High School students.  (Limit one letter and one pin per person please.)  These awards will be made, annually, at the PHS Honor’s Reception in May. The applications are due to the PACE Office by March 31st of each year. Please make a copy of all of your materials to keep for yourself. Once you have accumulated the required volunteer service hours you may turn in the completed forms, with required signatures to the PACE Office. All records will be kept and the PACE office can be used as a reference for students when applying for colleges and/or jobs. If you have any questions regarding the Community Service Letter & Pin Project please call the PACE Office at 822-6050 or 822-6051.


  1. To qualify for these awards the community service must be done on a volunteer basis; without any material or monetary gain.
  2. The majority of the hours should have been from service to the greater Pulaski community area.
  3. Service hours cannot be performed for a family member unless pre-approved by the PACE committee.
  4. Court ordered hours can not be used.
  5. Activities related to political issues can not be counted.
  6. Activities done to raise funds for personal causes can not be counted.
  7. Activities that are extensions of classes or co-curriculars can not count.
  8. Direct participation in worship services can not be used, but activities indirectly related, such as babysitting during worship, parking cars, serving lunch can.

Applications will be reviewed, letters and pins will be awarded by a PACE Board sub-committee, and all records will be held by the PACE Office.


Applicants must have accumulated at least 100 hours of verifiable  community service from at least two different sources to be awarded the PACE Community Service Letter.  A PACE Community Service Pin may be awarded for additional voluntary community service of 50 hours or more.

PACE Community Service Letter & Pin Application Form