Lannoye Elementary People

Photo of Mrs. Courtney Ambrosius

Mrs. Courtney Ambrosius

Early Childhood Teacher

Hi! My name is Courtney Ambrosius and I am a special education teacher at Fairview Elem...

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Photo of Bobbie Behnke

Bobbie Behnke

Paraprofessional / Food Service Employee

Photo of Sharon Brabender

Sharon Brabender

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Photo of John Carlson

John Carlson


Photo of Sarah Casper-Due

Sarah Casper-Due

Special Education Teacher

My name is Sarah Casper-Due. I am the Special Education teacher at Lannoye Element...

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Photo of Tasha Christensen

Tasha Christensen

Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Tasha Christensen and I am a Third Grade teacher at Sunnyside Elementar...

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Photo of Mrs. Melanie Christiansen

Mrs. Melanie Christiansen

Lannoye Early Childhood/Sunnyside 4K Aide

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Photo of Bernadette Dervish

Bernadette Dervish

District Nurse

As a school nurse, I serve as a link between healthcare and education. I support studen...

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Photo of Megan Dornfeld

Megan Dornfeld

1st Grade Teacher

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Photo of Mrs. Bethany Dziekan

Mrs. Bethany Dziekan

1st Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Bethany Dziekan and I am a first grade teacher at Lannoye Elementary Sch...

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Photo of Linda Gantz

Linda Gantz

3rd Grade Teacher

My name is Linda Gantz and I am a fourth grade teacher at Lannoye Elementary School. I ...

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Photo of Caroline Gilderson-Duwe

Caroline Gilderson-Duwe

District Nurse

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Photo of Mrs. Peggy Goddard

Mrs. Peggy Goddard


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Photo of Mrs. Jordan Henderson

Mrs. Jordan Henderson

4th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Jordan Henderson and I am one of the fourth grade teachers at Lann...

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Photo of Laura Hickson

Laura Hickson


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Photo of Mrs. Sarah Hoverson

Mrs. Sarah Hoverson

2nd Grade Teacher

Hello there! My name is Sarah Hoverson and I am a Kindergarten Teacher at Lannoye Eleme...

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Photo of Jacquelyn Huisman

Jacquelyn Huisman

Digital Learning Specialist

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Photo of Ms. Sharon Jarosz

Ms. Sharon Jarosz

Early Childhood Paraprofessional

Photo of Mr. Spencer Karls

Mr. Spencer Karls

Art Teacher

Education  University of Wisconsin - Green Bay:  BA, Studio Art (2013) ...

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Photo of Mrs. Mary Klister

Mrs. Mary Klister

Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Heidi Koeshall

Mrs. Heidi Koeshall

Speech & Language Pathologist

Hello! My name is Heidi Koeshall and this is my fourth year working as a Speech La...

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Photo of Mrs. Ashley Kubiak

Mrs. Ashley Kubiak

Phy-Ed Teacher

Hello! My name is Ashley Kubiak. I teach Physical Education at Lannoye Elementary. ...

Photo of Kathy Listle

Kathy Listle


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Photo of Kristin Marsh

Kristin Marsh

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Traci Mittag

Traci Mittag

Student Centered Coach

My name is Traci Mittag. I started my teaching career in 1996 as a middle school Spanis...

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Photo of Amber Molle

Amber Molle

Speech & Language Therapist

I am a speech therapist specializing in early intervention in the Pulaski School Distri...

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Photo of Mrs. Brea Murch

Mrs. Brea Murch

Speech & Language Therapist

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Photo of Mrs. Christine Neeley

Mrs. Christine Neeley

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Mrs. Trisha Nguyen

Mrs. Trisha Nguyen

5th Grade Teacher

I love teaching at Lannoye and am proud to be part of the Pulaski Community School Di...

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Photo of Bill Nisporic

Bill Nisporic

District Technician

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Photo of Mrs. Heather Novak

Mrs. Heather Novak

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Sara Nys

Sara Nys

Early Childhood Teacher

Photo of Ms. Braxton Panure

Ms. Braxton Panure

Special Education Teacher

Hello!! My name is Braxton Panure. I am one of the Special Education teachers at Lannoy...

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Photo of Srta. Amanda Rodenhauser

Srta. Amanda Rodenhauser

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola! Me llamo Señorita Rodenhauser (My name is Ms. Rodenhauser).&nb...

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Photo of Daniel Sacotte

Daniel Sacotte


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Photo of Mrs. Danielle Schuster

Mrs. Danielle Schuster

3rd Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Danielle Schuster. I am one of the fifth grade teachers at Lannoye Eleme...

Photo of Mrs. Mary shulze

Mrs. Mary shulze

Early Childhood Paraprofessional

Photo of Sra. Kimberly Stauber

Sra. Kimberly Stauber

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola! Me llamo Señora Stauber (My name is Mrs. Stauber). This is my eleve...

Photo of Mrs. Tracy Teske

Mrs. Tracy Teske

Special Education Teacher, Early Childhood Teacher

Hi! My name is Tracy Teske and I have been teaching the district's youngest learner...

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Photo of Kristen Throne

Kristen Throne

5th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Kristen Throne and I am a member of the 5th grade team at Lannoye Ele...

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Photo of Ms. Cassandra Tingo

Ms. Cassandra Tingo

Choir/General Music

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Photo of Paula VanDerLinden

Paula VanDerLinden

School Counselor

I love working with the students of the Pulaski School District.  I take on a few ...

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Photo of Kendra Wetzel

Kendra Wetzel

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello! My name is Kendra Wetzel and I am a kindergarten teacher at Lannoye Elementary. ...

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Photo of Timothy Wiegand

Timothy Wiegand


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Photo of Cristina Monica Wittlinger

Cristina Monica Wittlinger

ELL Teacher

My name is Cristina Wittlinger. I am one of the ELL teachers for the Pulaski School Dis...

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