Principal's Corner

Photo of Jeremy

Welcome to Pulaski High School-Home of the Red Raiders!  I am extremely honored to serve as your principal. The Pulaski High School maintains the highest level of tradition, pride and excellence as those are solely built by the Red Raider community, students and staff.

Pulaski High School offers a wide variety of quality academic, career, technical education, and extracurricular programs to meet the various needs of all of our students.

The Pulaski High School provides a nurturing learning environment that challenges students to be their best, to continually strive for success and guide students to take advantage of the multitude of programs specifically tailored toward their interest.

PHS staff invests heavily in their craft to ensure student success in post-secondary education, the world of work, citizenship and to continually go above and beyond for what is best for our students.  PHS staff members are a dedicated crew that focus on student learning and continued improvement.

We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s educational voyage. The support and feedback that PHS receives from students, staff, families and community members continue to assist us in providing a high-quality educational experience for all students.

For the 2020-2021 school year, we are excited to continue our Flex-Mod schedule, the continued utilization of our online learning management software (CANVAS) and to continue the next steps in our Digital Learning Plan by building on our 1-to-1 iPad success.  These are certainly exciting times to be a Red Raider!

If you have concerns related to COVID or regarding any academic, athletic or PHS activities, do not hesitate to contact me via email at or by phone. 

Please follow us on Twitter (@PCSD-PHS) for regular updates showcasing the many opportunities our students have to compete, perform and contribute to PHS and the community.  I invite you to explore our website, visit us and take a tour, or call us at 920-822-6700 to learn more about the Tradition. Pride. Excellence. we have on display at PHS.

Yours in Education,
Jeremy Pach