PHS Academics During Quarantine

Following feedback from students, parents, and teachers, PHS has updated our learning protocol for quarantined students. We will utilize this protocol for the remainder of the year. Students in quarantine are strongly encouraged to email their teachers individually to let them know they are on quarantine. This communication will kick start the 2-way communication with their teachers. Following their email to teachers, the students should be looking out on Canvas Modules for assignments staff have placed out there for all of the class to accomplish. 

Quarantined students are able to join their classes and stream synchronously from home. They will do so by accessing the class lecture via Google Meet. Students will use this document to access staff codes for entry into the Google Meets.  Students used similar links and names to access teachers when they were fully virtual.  During quarantine, students will be completing their work synchronously and asynchronously.  This format will allow students to hear lectures and information presented in class in real time.  There will be limited interaction (via the teaching staff) with students while on quarantine inside the Google Meet.  Students are also encouraged to speak with other students who have sat in on the class to gain insight on the assignments or the communication that took place.  If your student gets stuck on something or they are unable to reach the teacher, we have our paraprofessionals available each MOD of the day in their respective resource center Google Meets and can talk with your student to help assist them, make contact with a teacher, find a teacher schedule, talk through resources, get an assignment turned in, give direction or just give general help as that is what type of resource they would be if your child was present in the building.  Please find the Virtual PLTs and Resources LINK here.

Students will get guides and information in the Canvas Module and, like in the past, teachers will have the work assigned on the Canvas system with readings, links and explanations.  If the student finds these explanations are not sufficient, we are expecting the students to work with their teachers to set up Canvas Scheduler appointments with their specific teachers.  These are going to most commonly be scheduled after school from 2:55-3:10.  We’ve had quite a few discussions with staff on how we’d like to have these conversations be two-way communication so that it relieves the stress and anxiety for both sides. 

PHS staff are also available when they are scheduled into resource centers.  An example of this would be when a Math teacher is scheduled to supervise a math resource center “in-person.”  They are available to be reached via a Google Meet through the Google Meets students used in the past or to set up a Canvas Scheduler appointment with the teacher during the prescribed (Student Canvas Scheduler Video LINK) timeframe.

Our hope is for you to get a better idea of what is going to happen for the period of time your student is out.  If you run into any barriers or have concerns about this, certainly contact our main office at 920-822-6715 and we can point you in the right direction for the resources you and your child need.