Important ACT Assessment Information for PHS Juniors and Parents

Annually our junior students take the required ACT statewide assessment, per the state of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction testing requirements.  As a part of the ACT process, students are asked to complete non-test paperwork in the days leading up to the ACT test. The purpose of this communication is to inform you regarding information that will be asked as a part of these non-test questions, provide a copy of the questions contained within these sections, and provide you with the opportunity to opt your son/daughter out of the non-test questions that are not required.  Please note that there are portions of the ACT non-test paperwork that are required as well as portions that are entirely optional.

Questions that ACT requires students to complete to ensure students receive their score reports are the following:

  • Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Address

These items fall within sections A, B, D, N, O, P, & R in the non-test “Taking the ACT” booklet of questions and are indicated as required within the booklet using a green diamond next to each section.

All other questions are optional and students are not required to fill out the information asked in the remaining sections.  Some of these questions ask about personal information related to completed high school courses, personal occupational interests, and post-secondary plans, etc.  Again, this information is not required and is optional for students to complete but may provide your son/daughter with valuable opportunities to learn about post-secondary options available to them.

ACT also asks students if they’d like to use their Educational Opportunity Service.  If a student opts to use this service, it authorizes ACT to share their personal information, including ACT score ranges, with colleges, universities, and scholarship agencies to assist in identifying candidates for educational scholarship and financial aid opportunities for the purpose of sharing information about educational, scholarship, or financial aid programs.  

Currently, junior students are scheduled to complete pre-test paperwork on February 11th & 12th.  The following links provide access to the non-test questions for your review as well as to resources and information regarding Wisconsin State Assessments:

Taking the ACT & Student Information Booklet - Contain the questions asked as part of the non-test activities prior to the ACT test date.

Assessment Resources for Families - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Informational Brochures on Assessments.

If you would like your son/daughter to limit their responses to the ACT non-test portions solely to the required information requested by ACT, please contact Jackie Salewski in the Pulaski High School main office at 920-822-6708 with your request.  Students may also simply choose to limit their responses during the non-test completion dates in February to only the required sections previously noted in this communication.  The optional nature of each section will be clearly communicated with students on these dates.

If you have any further questions you may contact Pulaski High School Associate Principal Lindsey Mathys at 920-822-6736.