2019-2020 Course Selections & Scheduling

We want to inform you that our students will be scheduling over the next three weeks & will be selecting the courses they'd like to take during the 2019-2020 school year.  As a result, your son/daughter will be bringing home a course selection sheet they will use to plan out their preferred schedules for next school year.  Please take some time to review this sheet and the selections with your son/daughter.  There is a place on these sheets for a parent/guardian signature.

The following is the current timeline for students to review options and schedule:

Receive Course Selections Sheets:

Current Freshmen - 12/10/18

Current Sophomores - 12/10/18

Current Juniors - 12/5/18

Schedule Courses:

Current Freshmen - 12/20/18

Current Sophomores - 12/18/18

Current Juniors - 12/13/18

Descriptions of potential course offerings for 2019-2020 can be found on our Pulaski High School website.  Please feel free to contact your son/daughter's counselor at 920-822-6725 with any questions regarding the scheduling process.  Thank you.