A Message from the School Nurse - "Once A Week, Take A Peek"

A reminder from our school nurses as the weather changes:  “Once a Week Take a Peek”.

Within most schools at any one time, there will be a small number of children infested with head lice. Typically head lice  affect the age group of 3 to 11 years. This is a reminder to check your child’s hair on a regular basis, as head lice don’t always cause an itchy scalp (head) so many people will be unaware that they are infested. Checking for head lice should be a normal part of every family’s personal hygiene routine, like brushing your teeth or washing your hair, and should be done regularly. The best proactive approach is to check your child’s head once a week.  It’s important to know some basics, including how to recognize symptoms and what to do if faced with an active case of head lice. Please inform the school office if your child has head lice. Early detection and following the exact treatment instructions is key in eradicating an infestation. The school nurse is available and able to assist you, should you have questions.