Flex Mod Surveys Available


In an effort to continue our growth PHS administration is asking all PHS students, parents, staff, and graduates to complete a survey regarding the Flex-Mod schedule.  The survey is part of our continued growth and commitment to improve learning.  Your survey responses will remain completely anonymous.

We are excited to continue the growth we’ve experienced by sharing out this survey and receiving back your candid insights from the survey questions.  The survey results will be analyzed to make adjustments and procedures will be reviewed to ensure that student, parent and teacher voices are heard.

Results of the survey will be shared at a future board of education meeting. The PHS staff is strongly committed to engaging families and community members individually to build a level of comfort with this schedule or to answer questions regarding the various aspects of the Flex-Mod.  If you ever have questions please contact Pulaski High School directly at 920-822-6700. The survey will close March 31st.

Student Survey - Flex-Mod Winter 2018   ---or--- http://bit.ly/2CO3ptj (please complete if you are a current PHS student)

Parent Survey - Flex-Mod Winter 2018 ---or---  http://bit.ly/2HUUlqi (please complete if you are a current PHS parent)

Graduate Survey - Flex-Mod Winter 2018 ---or---  http://bit.ly/2Ff7Y5f (please complete if you are a recent graduate of PHS and experienced the Flex Mod schedule)