Pulaski High School Flex-Mod Schedule

The Pulaski High School flex-mod schedule instills responsibility and creates opportunities for students

variety of groupA variety of group (small and large) and individual instruction

Classes are divided into small and large group discussions along with traditional sized labs. The length of the classes vary from one 30 minute mod to four 30 minute mods


flexmod imageFreedom to take more classes

Students can fit anywhere from 6 to 8 classes in their semester schedule. There is more time for AP classes, college-credit classes and electives like art, music, world language and CTE courses.



personal learning time photoEnhanced personal learning time during the school day

Learning is student directed. Students have more choice in how to manage and spend their time. If a class is missed due to a conflict, students can attend their class at another time.



Greater access to teachers and resources photoGreater access to teachers and resources

The availability of teachers will increase for students who seek individual help and guidance. Students will be able to access core resource centers, the LMC, the personal learning lab and be able to schedule time for writing lessons and music lessons during a regular day. Students will also meet in a homeroom every day with an academic advisor for 4 years


ClockIndependence and elevated preparedness for the future

Information is available to all and develops life-long learners. This schedule prepares students for the challenges they will face beyond high school and gives them the skills they will need to achieve a lifetime of success.




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What is the Flex-Mod Schedule?