Summer Build a Better Raider (BBR)

This experience is designed to give students the opportunity to learn bodyweight training concepts and techniques used for improving their athletic ability. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of body weight training, resistance strength training, aerobic training, and overall fitness training with conditioning. This performance enhancement-training program will provide the opportunity to maximize athletic potential while reducing the risk of injury.

2023 PHS Build a Better Raider Program will run June 12th- August 11th.

Monday - Friday, NO BBR 7/3 - 7/5 and 7/24 - 7/28

6:30-8am: grades 9-12 All Athletes

8-9:30am: grades 9-12 All Athletes

12pm-1:30: grades 9-12 All Athletes

Registration for BBR:

Sign-up link was emailed to PHS students' school email. PHS students will need to use their school email to register at the link provided.



Strength and Wellness Coordinator: Spencer Lichon  920-822-6783