4K People

Ms. Alissa Tetzlaff

Administrative Assistant

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Mrs. Ashley Anvelink

Sunnyside 4K Teacher

Hi! My name is Ashley Anvelink.  My favorite thing about being a teacher is formin...

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Ms. Payton Barker

Shinning Stars 4K Aide

Mrs. Kayla Baumgartner

Sunnyside 4K Teacher

Hello! My name is Kayla Baumgartner and I am a kindergarten teacher at Lannoye Elementa...

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Mrs. Sarah Bovee

Fairview 4K Teacher & Kindergarten Literacy Support

Hello, I am the 4K teacher at Fairview.  This is my 3rd year teaching 4K, and...

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Mrs. Melanie Christiansen

Lannoye Early Childhood/Sunnyside 4K Aide

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Mrs. Ashley DeHut

Hillcrest 4K Teacher

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Mrs. Kerri Ford

Sunnyside 4K Aide

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Mrs. Amber Haynes


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Ms. Jenna Johnson

Shining Stars 4K Teacher

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Mrs. Sara Larsen

Glenbrook 4K Teacher

Hi, my name is Sara Larsen. I teach 4K at Glenbrook Elementary and love every minu...

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  • mrslarsens4kclassroom.weebly.com/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Melissa Nowak

Fairview 4K Aide

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Ms. Sarah Pautz

Sunnyside 4K Teacher

I am the 4K teacher at Sunnyside Elementary School. I love to guide my "little one...

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  • sites.google.com/pulaskischools.org/mspautzs-4k-classroom/home (opens in new window)

Ms. Carley Vissers

Peaceful Beginnings 4K Teacher

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Mrs. Kris Wells

Hillcrest Principal / 4K Director

As the instructional leader, I am committed to fostering a safe, caring, and support...

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Mrs. Bridget Wolfe

Hillcrest 4K Aide

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