PHS to commemorate 100th graduating class

PHS to commemorate 100th graduating class

PHS senior Hayden Grunert, right, designed the logo for the 100th graduating class. He received $50 for winning a contest from PHS principal Jeremy Pach.

The Pulaski High School Class of 2022 is Pulaski High School’s 100th graduating class. A committee is in the midst of planning an end-of-the-year event to commemorate the milestone. Details will come out as they are finalized.

Logo designed

Pulaski High School senior Hayden Grunert designed a logo to be used for the 100th graduat-ing class commemoration.

Grunert, son of Paul and Tammy Grunert, is pleased his work was selected. “It gives me a memory of high school and will help me to remember where I came from,” he said. Grunert plans to attend UW-Stevens Point to study marketing.

Special edition

The Pulaski News will publish a special commencement issue May 19 that will feature information about the 100th graduating class as well as history about Pulaski High School over the years as reported in the Pulaski News.

However, input from PHS graduates is requested. Do you have scans and captions of any old photos of Pulaski High School activities that you could email to (If you have photos but no scanner, stop by Pulaski News office at PHS and a staff member will scan it for you.)

Do you have any vintage PHS yearbooks that you could bring in to Pulaski News so we could scan the pages and give them right back to you? The school is seeking any yearbooks produced from 1928 to 1949 and 1951 to round out its archives.

Also, do you have any special memories of your time at Pulaski High School that you would like to share in a letter to the editor of 150 words of less? If so, mail them to Pulaski News, 1040 S. St. Augustine St., Pulaski, Wis., 54162. Or, you could email them to

Reader contributions will make the special edition a bigger success. Check out future Pulaski News editions for information on the 100th graduating class events.