PCSD to sponsor community book study

PCSD to sponsor community book study

A community book study is being planned for January and February.

The book to be read and enjoyed together is A Chance in the World by Steve Pemberton. The award-winning book details Pemberton’s upbringing from being placed with foster parents who were abusive to becoming a successful adult, regardless. The story shares his resilience and perseverance as well as some of the “lighthouses” or people who showed up for him through his difficult childhood and challenging teenage years. The story was made into a 2017 movie.

The sessions will either be in person, via Google Meet or possibly alternate, depending on participants’ preferences, according to Janelle Bailey, who will facilitate the book study. Bailey was a longtime teacher in the Howard-Suamico School District and is now State Director of the Wisconsin Academic Decathlon program at CESA 7.

"Wonderful things can happen when two or more people read the same book and then process their different perspectives as the story affects their heads and hearts. It is so much fun to read any book but especially such a good one as this, sharing Steve Pemberton's true story, one sure to stir your heart and mind."

While Bailey is a long-time teacher, she is even more so and to-her-core an avid reader, and she will not be giving quizzes or tests or "teaching" this book ... but relishes the opportunity to read it with community members and talk about all that can be learned through sharing this reading experience.

Sessions are planned for six Tuesdays from 6 to 7 p.m.:

● Jan. 18: Introduce the book and meet each other

● Jan. 25: Discussion of Part 1, chapters 1-16

● Feb. 1: Discussion of Part 2, chapters 17-26

● Feb. 8: Discussion of Part 2, chapters 27-35

● Feb. 15: Discussion of Part 3, chapters 36-43 and the Epilogue

● Feb. 22: Discussion of the Epilogue and book overall, create community questions for Steve

Interested people may contact Bailey by email (jbailey@cesa7.org) or phone (920-617-5617) to sign up for the book study. They may also sign up on a Google doc at this link: https://forms.gle/8LU3S5DZ7SRY2D6Q9.

Pulaski Community School District staff members received a copy of the book earlier this school year and have been participating in discussions on its content. Pemberton will be speaking to our Pulaski High School Student body on March 1, 2022. Book study community members can also join one of the two sessions.

The book club is sponsored by PCSD and books can be mailed to participants or picked up at the PCSD Teaching and Learning Department at PHS District Offices at Glenbrook Elementary.