PHS Project Lead the Way engineering students need public input

In the Pulaski High School’s Project Lead the Way Engineering Design and Development course, students are tasked with addressing a problem that exists and then developing a solution to that problem, and building a working prototype to address that issue. 

“Part of the process is to conduct not only academic research, but also to perform market research on their proposed solution to the problem to see if their idea is marketable to the target population,” said Rick Kamps, teacher.

By helping fill out the surveys that are linked to this article, you will be assisting this year's class of students in determining the viability of their problem solution and whether it should be pursued through the prototype phase or if they will have to re-evaluate their product solution and problem all together, said Kamps.

The three projects are:

PROJECT: The Foldable Bike

STUDENTS: Bryce Radke, Ben Redlin, Joe Opolka and Max Steinbrecher

The foldable bike offers consumers a vast array of options found on no other bikes. Collapsible bikes of the past offered only one folding point in the frame, but our bike folds in two places, to make it not only shorter, but much narrower too. This added compactness allows us to develop the folding bike off of a full-size bike frame and wheel combination, whereas the folding bikes in production right now are smaller than normal and only compatible with certain sizes of people. We truly believe our design of the foldable bike will be a large contribution in making transportation of bikes much easier.

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PROJECT: The Hot and Cold Cup Holder 

STUDENTS: Connor Norman, Zoe Ziemer, and Jordan Zuge

     We are an engineering team for the class Engineering Design and Development. We had to think of a problem and then build a new design to solve that specific problem. The problem we found was that drinks are losing their desired temperatures while in the car. After doing some research on current hot and cold cup holders we concluded that some improvements could be made. Our goal is to create a more accessible and reliable hot and cold cup holder for consumers. We are looking to get some feedback from you on your thoughts of our idea and what it should all entail. 

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STUDENTS: Zach Ascher, Gage Ambrosius, Joe Hasser, and Kaden Krueger    

Have you ever been working in your garage on your month-long project and then you look around and see a mess that has been building up since you first started. Using a dustpan to sweep it up will be very hard and time consuming. With our vacuum trash can you can sweep the dirt into piles and wheel the vacuum over the top and pick it all up. Also being able to pick up empty super glue bottles and just throwing them on top of the vacuum in the garbage. Your month-long projects will no longer take a month to clean up!

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