School Bells: How can you provide input to the Board of Education?

School Bells: How can you provide input to the Board of Education?

How can people provide input to the board?

There are many ways to provide input to the board. Contact information for the board is available on the district website, following the “Board of Education” link on the main page. You may also email Dana Thibodeau, administrative assistant to the board, at

Because we value citizen input, regular board meetings also set aside a portion at the beginning as a public comment period. The board cannot respond to or take action on comments made during this period according to Wisconsin Open Meetings laws and board policy KD, Public Participation at Board Meetings, which can be found along with all other policies on the district website. However, the board always listens to and considers the input provided during this period, and public comments may lead to the creation of agenda items at future meetings.

Additionally, the best way to provide input to the board is simply to talk to a board member! Everyone on the board is a member of the community and can regularly be found attending concerts, games and many other events and activities that take place in our schools and communities.

Do you have a question on board operations? Email and we may use it for a future School Bells.

-- PCSD Board of Education