School Bells: New column to educate on School Board matters

School Bells: New column to educate on School Board matters

School Bells #1

Last year, the district surveyed the community to identify concerns you had and the priorities you wanted the district to focus on. We received hundreds of responses and some very good input and feedback.

As you might expect, comments in the survey spanned a wide range of topics. However, some of the common concerns included:

·         Working with the community to continue to refine the vision, strategy, and plan for the future of the district.

·         Finding ways to attract and retain quality teachers, administrators, and staff in a very competitive job market.

·         Building greater trust across the board, schools, and community.

·         Increasing our open enrollment numbers.

·         Finding more ways to engage and communicate with the community.

We as a board are committed to addressing all of these areas and working with our superintendent, staff, and community to achieve our shared goals. We have already begun to identify additional ways that we can communicate with the community. School Bells will be a regular column in the Pulaski News that answers questions you have about how your school board operates and what we are working on. Please send your questions on board operations to LINK, and we may use it in a future article.

There’s a reason why “community” is part of our district’s name. All members of the board not only represent the community: we and our families are part of it. Together with you—everyone across the 176 square miles of our district—we share the privilege and responsibility of educating our children and feel the Pulaski Pride. Our schools continue to rank among the top performers in the state, and we know how important it is to not only maintain that performance, but become even better in the months and years ahead.


PCSD Board of Education:

Michael Voelker, President

Mark LeMere, Vice President

Trina Townsend, Clerk

Barb McKeefry, Treasurer

Mark Wernicke, Member

Brian Vanden Heuvel, Member 

Sara Mangold, Member