Thomas A Lutsey Waseda Farms Scholarship


  • Due Date: April 30, 2014
  • Amount: $10,000 over 4 years


This award provides financial assistance to graduating seniors pursuing degrees that enhance rural communities. Eligible students should be planning a career, with an agricultural focus, such as dairy science, animal science, agricultural engineering, veterinary medicine, agricultural economics, biotechnology, environmental science, agri-business administration or education. 


During the freshman year, the scholarship amount is up to $2,000 and can be renewed up to three (3) subsequent years for students maintaining a 3.0+ GPA.  Each successive year the award increases (up to $2,250, $2,500 and $3,250) and is subject to Scholarship Committee review and approval.

Other Information

For more information and an application go to

Fill out your FAFSA data as soon as possible; students must submit a copy of their SAR to the scholarship committee.

In addition to the principal or counselor recommendation, two additional letters of recommendation are required

Cumulative gpa must be based on a scale of 1-4 rather than a letter grade