In-District Elementary Transfer

Requests for elementary school transfers within the Pulaski Community School District for childcare reasons or parental choice – choosing to attend a school in the district other than the school attendance area you reside in – must be made February 1-28 for the upcoming school year. Application forms are available in school offices or online. Parents residing within the Pulaski Community School District who would like to choose a school within this district but outside of their school attendance area may apply. Parents who have received approval for a transfer do not need to reapply. 

Completed applications must be returned no later than February 28 for the upcoming school year. A letter approving or denying all timely intra-district requests will be mailed no later than April 15.

Elementary School Request Form »

Kindergarten parents 

Please register your child at your resident school and fill out the Intra-District Transfer form for the school you would like your child to attend.

Exception to February Deadline

Students who have moved out of a school’s attendance area during the school year and wish to continue to attend their current school should fill out the Family Move Notification form. This form should be filled out within two weeks of the move.

If a student is allowed to attend a different elementary school other than the one in the attendance are they reside in, parents should not assume that siblings will also be allowed to attend that school. Again, class size is the major criteria and there may not be room in that grade level in the requested school.

The Pulaski Community School District does not provide transportation for families approved for an intra-district transfer. If a student/parent changes his/her mind after an intra-district transfer request is granted, they must fill out the form again and it becomes the school district’s decision whether or not a student can attend their resident school. Both space availability and maintenance of balanced enrollment throughout the district will be used as criteria for review of applications.

Use the form “Intra-District Transfer Request For Grades K-5” to request an elementary school change. Contact the Superintendent's office at 822-6001 if you have any questions.

Please mail your completed application to Trudy Wied, Pulaski Community School District, PO Box 36, Pulaski, WI 54162.