Glenbrook Student Spotlight

Glenbrook Student Spotlight

(back) Lacee is a hard-working 4th grader. She loves school and gives 110% in everything she does. Her classmates and teachers would describe her as sweet, strong, helpful, kind, clever and quietly funny. She loves flying in airplanes, too.  Lacee is adventurous. Who knows? Maybe she will be piloting her own plane someday! For now, she’s flown right onto the Spotlight Student board!

Kiera is a wonderful young lady who also serves as a mentor for a younger student twice a week in the library at the start of her day. She encourages her and others to be her best self socially and academically. It’s these types of actions that along with her ever present smile and positive nature that make Kiera a Spotlight Student!

Myleigh is an amazing young lady who also serves a positive role mentor for a younger student twice a week.  She represents a positive role model who gives great advice about how to be a great friend and student. Myleigh’s kind heart and warm smile makes our school a wonderful place to be.  She truly is a Spotlight Student for Glenbrook!

EvaMarie is an extremely amazing young lady; kind, caring, considerate, helpful, and loving! She is a person who always has a smile to share, a hug to give, and a kind word to make your day even better. She is always following school rules and expectations and she helps to make Glenbrook an amazing school! She is a wonderful young lady and an excellent example of a Spotlight Student!

Yanei  is a young lady who is always following school rules and expectations which makes her a perfect choice for a spotlight student. Her smiles and laughter are contagious and we are so very lucky to have her at Glenbrook School. Her spirit is kind and gentle and she is filled with courage and bravery. She is an excellent example of being Raider Strong!

Emma is a sweet young lady who quietly leads by example. She is always following classroom rules and school expectations. She doesn’t need to tell others what to do because she just shows them by her actions. Emma is so very sweet and kind. Her heart is gentle and caring. She helps to make our school an amazing place by just being her! You are wonderful, Emma and so deserving of being a Spotlight Student!

Autumn is a hard working 5th grade student that always tries her best.  She is a great role model and leader to others, consistently demonstrating what the “Raider Way” is all about.  She carries with her a wonderful smile that brightens everyone’s day. Her positive character and kindness make our classroom and school an amazing place to be!  We are going to miss her next year for sure.

Devin is kind 5th grade student that is always willing to lend a helping hand.  When you think of a “RaiderStrong” student, Devin is a perfect example! His work is always done and done well and he is an equally wonderful friend to others as he is a student.  Great character, positivity and hard work is what Devin is all about. He makes Glenbrook a great place to be. While we know he is going to be super successful in middle school next year, we are still going to miss him!

Elliott  is a “Rock Star” student in 4th grade! He’s a great young man who gives his best effort in everything he does. Helpful, compassionate, committed, organized, goal driven, talented and friendly are just some of the words we associate with Elliott.  Elliott also frequently creates amazing drawings and clay creatures for his friends. Congratulations, Elliott. You deserve to be recognized as a Spotlight Student!

(table) Gianna is a terrific young lady who is always following the “Raider Way”!  She always comes to school ready to learn and does what is expected (without reminders)! She's a kind and helpful friend and classmate who is always there to lend a hand or share a smile.  Gianna is a wonderful example of what a Spotlight Student truly is! Way to go Gianna!

Helaina and  Zander make up an incredible kindergarten sister and first grade brother combination for Glenbrook School!  They are both wonderful students and great role models for others to follow. They are kind and caring, hard working and positive, and their talents for polka dancing are simply amazing too.  Helaina and Zander love to demonstrate their polka skills not only on the dance floor at Polka Days (where they are the current reigning 1st place winners in the Wisconsin Polka Boosters Jr. Division), but also by visiting other elementary schools with Mollie B (Star of the Mollie B Polka Party on RFD TV) where they love being able to teach other young students about polka dancing and music. When they aren’t at a polka dance, or getting their school work done, they can be found practicing their moves in the living room, playing the piano or helping their dad in the barn with the cows!  Helaina and Zander are outstanding examples of Spotlight Students!

Madison is a wonderful student that is Spotlight worthy for sure! She is a polite, and an all around hardworking student. You might say she is definitely “RaiderStrong”!  Day in and day out, she puts an effort into working towards our classroom’s learning targets. She reflects and thinks about what we are learning with such depth. It's amazing! Madison is also so polite, patient, and respectful. She's friendly to her classmates and shows great collaboration skills. She listens and really works with her partners or groups to accomplish our learning. Way to go Madison!  We are proud of you!