Food Service Program

While the return to school this fall is not what any of us envisioned, I want to assure you the Pulaski Community School District food service department is working hard to create a welcoming and safe environment to provide healthy meals for all students. We are so excited to see your children and provide them with nourishing and nutritious food that will support them, both in school and at home.
There will be some significant changes to the food service program this fall. Regrettably, the primary one is related to the payment system. In March, when our schools closed because of COVID-19, the USDA (the federal agency that oversees the nation’s school lunch and school breakfast program) allowed all schools in the US to provide meals at no cost to all students and then they extended that provision through the summer. That extension is set to expire on August 31 st . Wisconsin understands the vital importance of providing meals at no cost for all students across the state and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has requested that the USDA extend free meals for all students for the upcoming school year. However, no decision has been made by the USDA.

Therefore, as for now, we have to go back to the way that we provided meals before COVID-19, which means that students who have submitted an application and are approved for free and reduced price school meals will receive their meals at either the free or reduced price. Students who are not eligible for free or reduced priced meals will be charged $2.75 (K-5), $2.95 (6-8), $3.10 (9-12), or $0.40 reduced price for their lunch meals and $1.50 (K-5), $1.60 (6-12) for breakfast meals, in the same way as in previous years. We strongly encourage families to complete an application for free and reduced priced meals. The application can be found through Skyward family access in the food service tab and is all electronic.
We have two different plans in place for meal service; Model #1 is for our hybrid face to face plan and the second model is for a full virtual school day with no in person learning. What will our menu look like? We plan to continue to offer a wide variety of meal options including hot and cold entrées across the District. K-5 students will continue to have two entrée choices each day, while students in 6-12 will have 2-4 hot entrée choices and several grab and go choices available each day.

As always, regardless of the model we are serving in, we continue to follow safe food handling practices.  Each surface is cleaned in between each group, high touch areas will be cleaned and sanitized regularly and all single use plastic utensils will be used.  All of our food service staff are Serve Safe certified trained in food safety practices to ensure the safest products possible. 

*Please note, there will be no microwaves available for use in our buildings for the upcoming school year.  We ask that if you are planning to pack a meal you keep this in mind. 

USDA extends free meals for kids through December 31st, 2020.

Model #1 - Schools reopen with K-5 in person Monday through Friday and 6-12 hybrid A/B Cohorts (off on Wednesday).

Breakfast: Served in the classroom or grab & go style. If grab and go style (Fairview, Sunnyside, Hillcrest, PCMS and PHS), students will grab their breakfast from the cafeteria and consume breakfast in their classroom. No breakfast will be consumed in the commons areas.
Lunch: All students will eat in the cafeteria. Proper physical distancing will be in place as students come down in their class cohorts and through the lunch line. We will have no self-serve fruit and vegetable bars, salad bars or deli bars. All items will be either served from behind the line or pre-portioned and individually wrapped for pick up. Each cafeteria will have stickers to properly physically distance as well as stickers on tables to ensure students are sitting at a safe distance from each other.
Wisconsin School Day Milk: WSDM otherwise known as snack milk, will still be available and will be served in the classroom.
Point of Sale: All transactions will be touchless.

At Elementary buildings, we will continue to ask the student’s name and scan a barcode associated with their name and account to charge the account for the meal or purchase. At middle school and high school, students will be required to scan a barcode that is printed on their student ID as they come through the line. Limited a la carte items will be available for sale in grades 6-12.

Cash sales: We ask that cash on hand in line be kept to a minimum. If you have a payment, it can be placed in an envelope and put into the payment box at each school or payments may be sent to the Food Service Office at any time. You may also make a payment online through Skyward Family Access.

Virtual Learners in the hybrid model: Any families/students who have opted to complete learning virtually or any 6-12 students on the days that they will be virtually learning from home will have the
opportunity to order and pick up meals curbside.

A Google Order Form must be completed by 8:00 pm the day prior to curbside meal pick up. Meals will be available to any virtual learner Monday through Friday 11:30 a – 12:30 p at the Pulaski Community Middle School only. Pick up will be curbside only at Door #2. You may order and pick up meals curbside at PCMS regardless of the regularly attended District building.

Model #2 - Schools in complete virtual format - no in-person learning

If our schools at any point go to virtual learning, our plan for feeding during this time is listed below.

Meal service will be conducted at a limited number of schools and will be available for pick up curbside only at Hillcrest (Main Entrance), Sunnyside (Main Entrance) and Pulaski Community Middle School (Door #2). Meals will be distributed Monday through Friday from 11:00 a – 1:00 p.

All meals will need to be pre-ordered through our Google Order Form and will be charged according to account status (Free/Reduced/Paid). Breakfast and Lunch will be available for order and picked up curbside at one time. Adults/Parents may continue to pick up meals for children at curbside meal sites, verifying the students’ information upon pick up.