Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the outcome of a positive test?
A:  The individual will quarantine for 10 days and be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Q: At the elementary level, if there is a classroom positive, does the entire classroom quarantine?  
A: It depends (local risk factor, masking of students and staff, classroom setup, etc.) 

Q:  Will field trips be allowed? 
A:  Field trips are on hold. The form has not been opened plus transportation does not have bus drivers available for field trips and already is having to contract out for athletic competitions.

Q:  Will concerts be allowed?
A:  Yes, all levels/schools are putting tentative behind any dates that are being scheduled

Q:  Will Parent-Teacher Conferences be held in-person? 
A:  Dates have been marked on calendars but plans have not been made in either case of the route that conference will take place—-we have time to plan since they are in late October/early November

Q:  Are nurses able to see in the Wisconsin system who is vaccinated and who isn’t?  
A:  Yes, only with parental permission

Q: Is 90 days still the threshold for antibodies if someone has been COVID positive? 
A: Yes, the 90 day threshold continues

Q: What does mid-day and end of day cleaning look like for our teachers this year?
A: Spray desks mid-day with solution provided by facilities