BayCare Clinic Foundation Scholarships


  • Due Date: Online submission April 1, 2018
  • Amount: $2000


  • High school seniors must have been accepted into a fully accredited college.
  • The BayCare Clinic Foundation Healthcare Scholarship is awarded on the following criteria: (1) Commitment to pursuing a career in the healthcare field; (2) Acceptance and attendance into an accredited program of higher learning leading to a degree in a healthcare field; (3) Academic excellence as evidenced by class rank, preparatory academic program for a healthcare career, recommendation of current faculty and/or instructors; (4) Desirable personal character; (5) Extra-curricular activities, especially community involvement and leadership; (6) Applicant’s statement of educational goals and desires; and (7) Applicant’s ability to  fully complete the application process, and (8) financial need. 


 $2,000 scholarships