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PACE Events & Classes 

                                                March 15, 2020

*Families will receive refunds for any canceled classes or programs* 


Winter 2020 Pace Magazine

See PACE Magazine above for all upcoming activities for 2020

Winter PACE Magazine includes:

  • Poland Presentation, STEM Classes, Travel the World and more
  • Gymnastics, Ballroom Dance, Tae Kwon Do, Chakradance classes, Zumba & Bogie's Boot Camp  
  • Variety of Arts & Craft Classes, Music Lessons for Kids and Adults
  • World Series of Hitting Clinic, Basketball Fundamentals for Young Girls, Soccer and Foot Skills, Swimming Lessons at Pool
  • Summer School Dates!
  • Community Events for Winter 2020 
  • PACE Trip - Vermont June 20-28, 2020
  • Backcover lists Casmir Pulaski Days 2020