PCSD Board of Education issues annual awards for volunteerism

The Pulaski Community School District Board of Education has issued its annual awards for volunteerism in the district.

Frank X. Joswick Community Relations Recognition Awards were presented to:

·   Pat McDermid, nominated by Jerad Marsh.

·   Bruce and Tammy Brzczkowski, nominated by Caitlin Harrison.

Board Community Volunteer Service Awards were presented to:

·   Molly Waggoner, nominated by Sarah Morgan

·   Alan Weber, Steven Armstrong, Patrick Staszak, Jeff and Brenda VanEnkevort, Steve Fischer, Rolean Wernicke, Sally Robertson, Lynn Malewiski and Bill Faucett, nominated by PCMS Music Theatre Directors

·   Greg and Mary Cady, nominated by Terry Erdmann

·   Mandi Olson, nominated by Colin Abendroth

·   Jara Malchow, nominated by Alison Kessel

·   Lisa and Michael Voelker, Matt Gehri, Michelle Graf, Michelle Baranczyk, Mark and Rolean Wernicke, Bill and Debbie Larscheid and Gloria Morgan, nominated by Kayla Stocco and Tom Busch

·   Joe Franks, nominated by Candice Bogacz

·   Kelly Logue,  nominated by Lindsey Przybylski

·   Julie Jarock, nominated by Len Jarock

·   Stacy Paschke, nominated by Kaleb Santy

·   Ann Wasurick and Ruby Radtke, nominated by Susan Lewin

·   Cheryl Dorn, nominated by Amy Gee and Debbie Rodgers

·   Jean Jaklin, nominated by Kendra Wetzel

·   Raina Burton, Lori Kozicki, Bobbie Truax, Jara Malchow, Kate Lindstrom and Charlotte Skala, nominated by Kurtis Sufka

·   Officer Kyle Betzner, nominated by Pat Fullerton