PHS spring play set for Friday, Saturday

PHS spring play set for Friday, Saturday

Pulaski High School’s annual melodrama will be performed this weekend, April 27 and 28, in the high school auditorium. This year’s show is The Pony Expresso or... The Villain Came to a Grinding Halt by Rachel Davidson.

Set long ago in Waterpit, Nevada, the play follows Star Bright and her aunt Dee Caff, owners of a struggling coffee shop called the Pony Expresso. The shop is losing its customers to evil villain Mo Cabana’s new coffee cart, and tensions rise even more when town residents suddenly begin falling ill. With Cabana and his assistant Fifi Latte stirring up trouble in the town, only a true hero can save the day. Luckily, that hero can be found in Star’s secret admirer, Buck Brawn. As Buck investigates the mysterious happenings, the truth behind the town illnesses is uncovered, and the beans are spilled.

 Amy Tubbs, who co-directs the spring play with Ashley Kennen, picked the show because the characters were interesting and the coffee puns were too funny not to perform. She enjoys the spring play because the audience gets to boo, hiss and cheer during the show, but her favorite thing about the melodrama is how incredibly creative the cast is.

 “One unique thing about the spring play is the entire cast works together to write comedy skits that they perform between the scenes,” Tubbs stated.

 Tickets for the show can be purchased in the high school Pulaski News room or at the door for $6. Don’t be latte!