PCSD teachers nominated for Golden Apple award

PCSD teachers nominated for Golden Apple award

Nearly 80 Pulaski Community School District professional staff members were nominated for The Greater Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Partners in Education 2017 Golden Apple Awards. 

“We are proud of the dedication and commitment excellence of each of our educators!” said Supt. Bec Kurzynske. “I’d like to take the opportunity to thank and congratulate all of our outstanding educators for your contributions to ensuring that all of our students have a high quality learning experience at the Pulaski Community School District.”  

Nominated teachers are:

Fairview:  Deb Schmidt

Glenbrook:  Sarah Bal, Candice Bogacz, Katie Bradford, Rockie Caelwaerts, Cora Blackburn, Nicole Diemel, Kelyn Kasten, Karl Kralapp, Sue Lewin, Ellen Melberg, Todd Skinkis, Jamie Somerville, Carrie Wiese, Krystal White

Hillcrest:  Tracey Brewczynski, Corinne Galligan, Susan Ziolkowski-Stiede, Alicia Michaud, Shannon Minzlaff, Michelle Prestine 

Lannoye:  Amanda Gloe, Stephanie Heezen, Sarah Hoverson, Beth Kwiatkowski, Susan McMahon, Trisha Baker-Nguyen, Kendra Wetzel

Sunnyside: Sara Konop, Sue Moore, Shurie Raisanen, Amanda Rodenhauser, Lydia Storby, Chris Wendorf

PCMS: Amy Albers, Brianna Bliese, Andy Bock, Carrie Burch, Patricia Challe, Terry Erdmann, Mike Heim, Michelle Henslin, Sara Hoffmann, Jamie Hubbard, Sarah Kohls, Joe Isham, Tim Kozlovsky, Dave Landers, Kelly Logue, Lindsey Przybylski, Jon Rohde, Ted Sarosiek, Marissa Steffel, Kathy Tennant, Jeff Uelmen, Char Wilson, Jonathan Wood, Amy Wright, Patrick Wudtke 

PHS: Leah Grant, Jeff Gosse, Ryan Mentink, Ben Otto, Elizabeth Richardson, Lindsey Schartner, Kayla Stocco, Allison Thut, Tracie VanGheem-Rottier, Leah Grant

With the process being based upon school enrollment, the Pulaski Community School District was able to forward one representative for each of its elementary buildings and two each from PCMS and PHS. The following staff will submit additional application materials to be considered for recognition as a Teacher of Distinction and a Golden Apple Award winner.  

Fairview:  Deb Schmidt, Kindergarten

Glenbrook:  Cora Blackburn, Nicole Diemel, Kelyn Kastan, Todd Skinkis, Jamie Somerville; Fifth Grade Team

Hillcrest: Ali Michaud, Art

Lannoye:  Kendra Wetzel, Kindergarten

Sunnyside:  Shurie Raisanen, fifth grade 

PCMS:  Marissa Steffel, family and consumer science; Amy Wright, vocal music

PHS: Jeff Gosse, science; Ben Otto, business and alternative education

On Feb.15, the names of the 40 Teachers of Distinction will be released.  Later in the month, the final six Golden Apple Award recipients will be selected and in March surprise announcements will be made through school visits.  The Golden Apple event will be held on April 19 and will be televised by WLUK - Fox 11.