Monday, February 5, 2018 -- Day 1


Forensics Level I Meet @ De Pere MS, Bus leaves at 2:45

Girls Basketball:  7th Grade Red Smith at Pulaski; 8th Grade Pulaski at Red Smith

Wrestling Practice

Musical Rehearsal:  ALL CAST


Friday Fun Night this Friday from 6:30-9:00 p.m. You must have a current student I.D. or $5.00 to enter.  I.D. cards can be purchased at the Student Center for $5.00. Doors will open at 6:30 and lock at 6:45. If you need to arrive late or leave early, please have a note from your parent approved by an administrator by 3:00 on Friday.

Attention all students:  Did you know that you can get FREE stickers of your own artwork?  That's right!  Did you know you could get a phone case with your own artwork on it?  That's right! Square 1 Art is a wonderful company that turns your artwork into a gift.  Come and get the paper from the art teachers, draw your own creation on it, and turn it in by Feb. 28th.  Then, in a couple weeks, you'll have FREE stickers of your artwork and an order form to order what you'd like.  Come check out the window display by the art rooms for more info and see an art teacher to get the square 1 art paper today.  Thanks

Lunch Today:  Chicken Pepperoni Wrap, BLT Sandwich, Cheesy Potatoes, Cucumber, Pears, Salad Bar with Chicken Booyah

Eating First:  Yellow / Blue     Recess First:  Green / Red