8th Grade Individual Planning Conferences

Eighth Grade Individual Planning Conferences will be set up at the Fall parent-teacher conferences - please visit the school counselors to sign up.  We will be located in the eighth grade hallway near the bathrooms.    

These 45-minute meetings include the student, the parents/guardians, and a school counselor and will take place November through the end of January; the majority of the times available are during the school day.  The IPC is unlike traditional conferences - the focus is on each student’s personal and social growth, their educational and career development, and their high school planning process. 

Individual Planning Conferences are specially designed conferences for parents/guardians to gain insight into their child’s development.  Participation in the conference allows students to develop a direction for the future. Our task is to determine how we can help them create and achieve goals for their future.

Parents/guardians are a key member of the conference team.  Conferencing gives parents/guardians and students the opportunity to discuss talents, interests, academic performance, and future goals in a positive environment.  Individual Planning Conferences are not intended for discussions of student behavior issues.  


If you are unable to attend Fall conferences either Thursday, October 17th or Monday, October 21st, please contact Dawn VanSchyndel to sign your eighth grader up for his/her IPC.  Dawn can be reached at (920)-822-6519 and will begin taking phone calls on Tuesday, October 22nd.