7th Grade Growth and Development Instruction

The Pulaski Community School District has given its approval for the instruction of Human Growth & Development within the Health curriculum.  The unit will be 16 class sessions in length and will run November 5th - December 21st.  It will include several class periods of learning the reproductive systems.  Another class period will be devoted to the "chain of infection" concept and how to break the links in the "chain."  Following this discussion, the students will learn about several STD's with an emphasis on AIDS.  We'll study how AIDS is spread, what the risk factors are, and methods of prevention.  Above all, we stress how abstinence, responsibility, commitment, and honesty relate to the prevention of AIDS and other STD's (sexually transmitted diseases).

It should be noted that any parent may choose to hold their child out of this unit if they deem necessary.  Please call us at the following numbers if you have any questions or concerns or stop in to see us in the Commons during Parent-Teacher Conferences (October 18 and 23).

Kelly Logue  822-6585

Andy Bock  822-6586

Jamie Hubbard  822-6587