Literature 6

In literature class, focus will be given to a variety of reading strategies using a mixture of genres.  Some of these genres will include fantasy, modern tall tale, short stories, nonfiction, historical fiction, adventure, and poetry.

The curriculum involves an assortment of novels and other resources to improve students’ reading ability.  Reading levels are tested throughout the year using several methods including the SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory), MAPS testing, WKCE testing, and an array of classroom assessments.  These methods allow us to meet the needs of each individual reader.

Literature 7

This class consists of using effective reading strategies to read, interpret, and critically analyze different genres. Some major units of study in reading include “Outsiders,” “Out of the Dust,” Black history, suspense, and mystery.

Literature 8

This course is a combination of utilizing group text, individualized reading programs/goals, and literature circles. In addition, this class will include an integration of the Critical Reading Series.  There is also consistent instruction to enhance reading comprehension, making reasonable predictions, and with a goal to foster an overall love of literature.