Girls Scout Information

Girls Scout Information


I am the Girl Scout staff person that serves families here within the Pulaski School District. Typically, each fall and spring, I visit schools and meet with girls and parents so they can try out some hands-on Girl Scout activities and learn about our program. This year, due to Covid-19 that was not possible, so we came up with a fun alternative! We have packed up some small Penny Boat Engineering activity kits, so families can work together to do a hands-on science experiment together, while also learning important basic engineering skills. At Girl Scouts, we are dedicated to building interest in STEM, especially for girls, who are significantly less likely to go into STEM fields. This activity is both educational and fun! I would love to offer these free kits to all of the students in your 4K, K, or 1st grade class. If you would like a kit for each student to take home, please let me know your class size and I can get them to you. I have attached the instruction sheet as well as a photo of a kit, so you could review the activity.


Now more than ever, children need opportunities to learn new things, have fun, and connect with others! This year, we are offering free Girl Scout memberships to all new girls and adults who wish to join. We have a variety of virtual and socially distant troops and activities available. If you have any questions on the Penny Boat Engineering Kits or Girl Scout programming, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks so much for all you do! I look forward to hearing from you.

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