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Scrip Order Information

1. Go to

2. Create an account by clicking on the “create account” in the green Family Sign Up box and entering the required information in the required fields.

3. For the Hillcrest Elementary enrollment code, please contact the coordinator.

4. Under my account, enroll in presto pay on the left hand side to have funds electronically debited from your checking account. You can also choose to pay with a personal check instead of enrolling in presto pay. Please send your check to school made out to Hillcrest PTO with SCRIP in the memo line.

1. In order to verify that the account numbers you provide are accurate, there will be two small (less than one dollar) deposits posted within one to two business days to the account you specified. These deposits are given to you by the Great Lakes Scrip, they will not be debited back from your account.

2. After you see these deposits in your account you need to re-log in and provide the deposit amounts under the presto pay link and establish your personal pin number to use when you submit an order to pay. You will then be emailed an approval code which you need to provide to the coordinator. You can email the approval code to email address and I will verify your account from my end.

5. You are now ready to shop! Orders can be placed anytime online but will only be released by the coordinator on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. To have your order included it must be submitted by 5pm on the designated Thursday.

6. Your gift card order will be sent to Hillcrest and can be picked up from Mrs. Wendorf in the office any time after it is received at the school. Gift cards will not be sent home in folders with students unless a liability waiver has been filled out. Please contact Jenna Ryan if you are interested in this option.

Additional notes

  • Once purchased, eligible gift cards can be reloaded at anytime online. If you submit an order with only reloads on it, and pay with presto pay, considers it an Automatic Reload Order. It will be processed automatically, and the funds will be added to the card(s) overnight. With this option there is no need to wait for the order to be released by the coordinator and shipped to Hillcrest. It is important to note that the INITIAL gift card must be purchased through in order to reload it online.  *Check online at to see what cards are eligible to be reloaded online. Currently, cards from 47 retailers can be reloaded.
  • Several retailers also participate in ScripNow, including, Amazon, Chili’s, itunes, Pottery Barn, Starbucks, Home Depot, Gap and Old Navy. You can order from any participating retailer participating in ScripNow and a paper gift card will be emailed to you or you can print it off on the shopwithscrip website immediately. The paper gift card is sent within minutes after you order. No need to wait for the coordinator to submit the order. New retailers are being added weekly to this program!