Winter Weather Reminder from our Transportation Dept.

Snow covered roads, ice, and cold temperatures have arrived and the Transportation Department would like to provide some winter weather safety reminders.  Covering more than 4,000 miles a day, the Bus Drivers must depart earlier than normal to allow extra precaution and plenty of time during the cold months.  Therefore, the students at the beginning of the route may be getting on earlier, however, the students at the end of the route may be picked up later than normal.  Bus Drivers will remind students as needed to be on alert and prepared.  We ask that the students be ready and at their stops when the buses arrive.  Students waiting for the bus should be dressed appropriately for the weather.  Preventive measures are taken to avoid problematic situations, however, delays are imminent, so dressing for cold weather, and in layers, is important.  In the event a bus experiences any issues, children must be prepared as buses cool off very quickly.  A back-up bus is always near, however, we want our students to be prepared.  Please continue to check the local news, the District website or the District alert system for any delays or cancellations as well.  Also, at this time of the year, school buses become a collection site for mittens, hats and boots.  The Bus Drivers will keep all lost articles on the bus, so please have your student check with the driver if they are missing any items.


    Thank you and have a safe and happy holiday!