Sra. Kelsey Burkel

Sra. Kelsey Burkel

World Language Teacher - Spanish

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¡Hola amigos! Me llamo Señora Burkel and I am a Spanish teacher at Sunnyside and Fairview Elementary. 

We introduce and practice the language through a variety of activities such as stories, games, songs, projects and more to maximize learning. Some of our themes include Mariachi bands, the rainforest, animals, family and more to motivate and engage kids throughout! Each grade level focuses on a country: Kinder- Mexico, 1st grade- Costa Rica, 2nd grade- Peru. 

Many parents ask, “How will my child understand?” The main strategies I use to help kids understand the language is the use of visuals, gestures, miming, and demonstration.



Spanish Language and Culture; Travel;



B.A. Major in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.A. Major in International Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.A. Minor in European Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison


Professional Interests

Spanish; World Cultures; TPRS (Total Physical Response with Storytelling); CI (Comprehensible Input)



Study abroad semester in Sevilla, Spain 2011

Spanish Teacher Tour to Ecuador and Peru 2014

K-5 Spanish teacher at Lannoye Elementary 2014-2015

Middle and high school Spanish teacher at School District of Westfield 2015-2017

Study abroad chaperone to Costa Rica 2017

Study abroad chaperone to Guatemala 2019