Glenbrook Student Spotlight for March 2018

Glenbrook Student Spotlight for March 2018

Seated left to right:

McKenna is one of the kindest students we've ever had at Glenbrook!  She constantly looks to take care of others first and always has a bright smile or encouraging word to offer that helps to make Glenbrook the wonderful place it is.  Super job McKenna!  

Clara is a delight to have in class! She is a hard working, never give up kind of girl.  She is super respectful and a terrific friend to everyone at Glenbrook!  Well deserved Clara!  

John is a respectful, responsible and safe student.  He respects his friends and teachers and has a kind heart towards all. He works hard, listens well and is a leader and role model for others to follow.  Way to go John!  

Gavin comes to school every day to learn.  He is a leader in class and can always be counted on to make good choices. Gavin in an amazing thinker too and always has is hand in the air to share his thoughts.  Gavin loves school and it shows!  

Standing left to right:

Ella is a wonderfully kind classmate and routinely goes out of her way to make sure that other students are included and valued.  She always has a great big smile to share with everyone she sees and makes the day brighter for everyone around her.  We are lucky to have Ella at Glenbrook!  

Elliana is not a student who wants to be in the spotlight, but rather the kind of student who IS the spotlight for others to emulate.  A positive attitude, amazing smile and model behavior all describe Elliana.  Wherever she is, she is giving 100% and we are fortunate to have Elliana in our class and thank her for being the spotlight for so many others!  

Kamrie is one of the most honest and hard working students you'll find at Glenbrook.  She's a wonderful role model and leader too.  Kamrie has a great sense of humor and uses this along with her ever present smile to bring out the best in everyone around her.  She is a shining star of Glenbrook!  

Lukas is one of the best classmates and friends anyone could ask for.  He has an ever present smile and we'd challenge you to find a more respectful and courteous young man to represent Glenbrook.  Thanks Lukas for making our school so great! 

Eden is such a joy to have in class!  She is a wonderfully kind and caring classmate who leads by example.  She always seems to be able to recognize and bring out the best in everyone around her.  Her smile brightens our room and makes our whole school better.  Way to go Eden!  

Sam is one of the friendliest and kindest students Glenbrook has ever had! He's always got some amazing jokes to tell and every morning goes out of his way to say hello and bring a smile to the faces of his former teachers.  Sam is genuine and caring and truly makes a positive impact on every person he meets.  You rock Sam!  

Joey brings a positive, hard working attitude with him every day.  He's always willing to lend a hand and always seems to know just what to say to make someone's day to cheer them up.  His smile is contagious to those around him and he brightens our room and school.  Excellent job Joey!

Braxton is a kind, caring and understanding student.  He is such a great leader and role model too!  Braxton has a terrific ability to see the positives in situations and helps others to get to that same frame of mind.  Braxton has a calm way about him but don't be fooled because he's got a terrific sense of humor too.  He's got grit in the classroom and speaks highly of his peers and teachers.  Braxton exemplifies what makes Glenbrook so great.  Awesome job Braxton!