Ashley Broeske

Posted Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Ashley is new to our district and serves as a language interpreter for a student in my classroom.

Even thought Ashley's title is "language interpreter," she is just so much more. The student she works with is also autistic. Ashley is able to easily help differentiate, guide this student socially, and still hold high expectations of this student all while interpreting and teaching sign to the student and his family.

He is having such a successful year, and a key component is all the work she does. Ashley even attends Lego Robotics club after school with this child to help make the school-activity transition easier.

Additionally, Ashley is amazing with all of the students in my classroom. She builds relationships and supports all kids in the classroom, and the kids really respond to her.

It's amazing to me how well she multi-tasks with interpreting, supporting students, aiding the teacher, etc. Ashley really makes a difference at our school. She goes above and beyond her job title. She makes school a better place for our students, teachers, and families.

She builds rapport with kids during their specials and lunch hour. She also assists students in after school hours, such as Lego robotics.

— Randi Snowberry


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Michael Heim

Posted Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Michael is a high-energy addition to the district.

He is active with students not only at PCMS but also in high school and the younger levels as well.

Michael is an outstanding teacher and coach. He is a football coach at the high school level but doesn't stop there with only one program. He is the strength and conditioning coordinator as well for the entire high school and works tirelessly to makes sure all programs that participate in weight and conditioning training are well organized and have direction.

He is as passionate in the classroom as well connecting with students and engaging them in lessons as well as getting to know them outside of the classroom. He is a real asset to the district even though he's only been here for two years.

He is involved in:

  • ·         Youth football camps
  • ·         Youth basketball camps
  • ·         Strength and conditioning coordinator for the district
  • ·         Legends Basketball League (summer)
  • ·         High school football coach
  • ·         Build a Better Raider Summer program coordinator for all PHS/PCMS athletes

— Jerad Marsh


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Rita Skalecki

Posted Thursday, December 08, 2016

Rita works to support students in a job coaching through the work        experience program.

She works individually and in small groups to teach students the soft skills needed for employment. She comes to work each day ready to tackle any problem and is ready to lend a hand in other areas when needed.

The students are learning employment skills to obtain a job in the community after graduation. The students are a valued group of individuals that help with the little things that need to get done. Each student      contributes to the success of each department they work in.

Rita gets the opportunity to support students in the food service department, facilities, Goodwill and with athletics. She pushes students to be the best they can be in all situations and helps others understand why the skills are needed for the students.

She problem solves and has high expectations for her students. The students contribute on a daily basis working through their job tasks and skill development.

As they are learning, the adults working with them learn and grow and feel they are active members of the educational process. The students take great pride in everything they do.

— Nicole Borley





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Sara Malchow

Posted Thursday, December 08, 2016

Sara is dedicated, kind, enthusiastic and hard working. She has a positive attitude that motivates   students and staff to be their best self. Sara goes above and beyond to instill her love of learning to     others. She is a powerful leader and a positive role model.

Sara is always conscientious about her role. She follows through on her commitments. Her creativity is an asset in making learning a fun environment for students. She has a great work ethic that shines through.

Sara goes out of her way to make herself available to help staff with extra duties. She is a team player and it is a pleasure to be a member of her team.

Malchow was member of the prairie preservation team at Fairview Elementary and a Trainer for the Apple Core Team.

— Joann Rosenberg and Holly Smith



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Jennifer Sommers

Posted Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Jennifer Sommers has totally thrown herself into her new position at Glenbrook as dean of students.

From changing our school sign to calling organizations to further student programs, Jennifer has been on the go from the first day.

She attends board meetings as the district grade level rep. She actively participates in PTO and generates awareness and gets  donations from community members for our school's PBIS program. She is also growing the Big Brothers Big Sisters        program.

— Kurtis Sufka



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